Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Forum Feral Run: First Update

Well, all of the norns have been chosen for the first part of the run, which means that the run can start now. First, I checked on all the norns, recorded their genomes, and made sure they had the correct names. Then, I let them run loose and watched what happened.

Most of the norns in the Capillata have moved to the Hub, or beyond, into the Ark. All of the norns in the Desert and Aquarium have left, mostly for the Jungle. The Norn Terrarium seems to be very popular, especially the hill above the Learning Room. C12DS has a few norns, but they are spread out. A lot of norns are ill. Most of them have bacteria, and a few have glycotoxin. I'm not sure what they're getting it from, though. Two norns have died already.

The first death was Enkidu, who died just when I was about to check on him. He was on the lift in C12DS, traveling over to the beehives, when I heard a whimper and got the death notification. I'm not sure what the cause of death was. The Holodoc did not report any bacteria or toxins, and his drives were fine. The Medical Monitor did record some pain, but only after death. His death seems to be a mystery, but I am hoping to be able to solve it.

Anai's death was second. Thankfully, her death was not so mysterious. She wandered into the pond in the Norn Terrarium and drowned. I think she was after a toy that had been
dropped in.

Later, Grubby Shake and Fahru, the two Imperial Fly norns, passed into youth, with startling new colors. I checked their pigmentation, and it turns out that their rotation and swap are at zero in youth. Since I haven't checked the genome, I don't know if it will stay that way throughout the rest of their life.

Then, there was another mysterious death. This time it was Chris, who died alone, in a safe area, with plenty of food and no illness, in the tower in C12DS. I'm not sure what's happening, as both Chris and Enkidu were just fine when they died.

For some rather less mysterious news, a lot of the norns have migrated into the Jungle, and most of them are sick. No one has died from illness yet, but with the three deaths already, I decided to be a bit cautious, especially since most of the population is ill. So, I spread a few Anti-Bacterial Spray gadgets around in the Jungle, placed two small Empathic Vendors, cloned a fruit basket, and put a COC potted lemon plant in the middle.

Despite my efforts, there were two more deaths. Serengeti traveled to the bottom of the Bridge and back up,  and had nearly made it to the Norn Terrarium door when she died of a fever. Popaea chose to stay in the Jungle, where she had a rather more nasty illness than Serengeti had. ATP Decoupler is an illness that not many creatures can stand against, and unfortunately, Popaea was no match for it.

To end on a happier note, eight eggs have been laid already, and more are on the way. Anyway, I'm tired and it's long past time that I published this update anyway, so that's all for now.

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