Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Forum Feral Run: Romance and Tragedy

Among other events in the forum run today, there has been a story of romance, tragedy, indifference, more romance, and if you're willing to count the previous update, a friendship.

At first, all is peaceful and happy. There are occasional accidents, like Picard wandering into the middle of a Stinger nest, but for the most part, all is well, and norns are free to take naps while others eat everything in sight and stare at trees.

Romance blooms in the desert. These two norns are very different, and when they first meet, they are frightened, alternating between running away and hiding. However, when they run, they always return, and they only hide behind each other, smiling the whole time.
Tragedy strikes, and a nasty illness brings an end to the relationship, just as it had brought an end to the life of Fortunate Bomb before.
A wave of fear washes over the world. Well, one norn becomes paranoid of an army of ettins attacking with pumpkins. Close enough.

 Both Imperial Fly norns have now experienced the loss of someone dear. Grubby Shake lost Tahvora, her closest friend, and Fahru lost Taboo Earthquake, his lovely, uh, partner? They both seem to be dealing with it well, though. Grubby Shake takes joy in the simple pleasures of watching butterflies and eating potatoes.

Fahru, however, finds a new love, a norn who has traveled to the distant corners of the world, finding joy, exciting adventures, delicious food, and beautiful views. Maybe the one thing she hasn't found is love? I'm sure that Fahru will be able to give her that, as long as he doesn't wake up from a nap one day to find her gone, exploring, seeking a place she hasn't been yet.

This story is sad, and happy. Perhaps it's random, but it has a definite story. It might follow in the footsteps of the stories that came before, but it adds something new. Some may call it boring, but to the characters it must have been exciting. It is a bit short, but maybe just long enough. Whatever this story is, I'm hoping I have something better for tomorrow.

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