Sunday, September 29, 2013

Forum Run Rules and Set-Up

I have finally worked up the motivation to write another blog post. This post was supposed to be about starting a scenario world in Chione, with Yettins, Ice Dragons, and awesome story-telling. Instead, this post will be about a forum run. I have created a world with Docking Station docked with the Ark and Creatures 1. I will put some agents in, make sure each room can support at least one norn, maybe decorate a little bit, etc. The ecology will also be changing throughout the run, to promote movement and make it more difficult to survive.

People who wish to participate in the run can choose a breed (I will make a list of the breeds I'll be using), a gender, a location, and a name for up to 3 creatures. If you don't choose a gender, it will be random, if you don't choose a name they will be named by Protective Tub, and if you don't choose a location I will decide where to put them (I'll probably put them in either the room that suits them most, or the room with the fewest creatures).

Only one creature of a particular breed and gender can be chosen for each part of the run. For example, if Person A picks a female Dream Norn, Person B can pick a male Dream Norn, or a female of another breed, but not a female Dream Norn. Also, if a room has more than 5 creatures in it while another room has 3 or fewer, than the first room is considered closed and no more creatures can be placed in it. If someone who wanted to put a creature in the first room does not choose a different place, then their creature is placed in whichever room has the fewest creatures.

The run will have three parts. In the first part, 36 creatures will be chosen. Using the Population Control Panel, they will be kept infertile after having 4 children. Female children will belong to whoever owned the mother, and males will belong to whoever owned the father. After three generations, the 6 best survivors will be chosen.
In the second part of the run, 30 creatures will be chosen, and these, as well as the 6 best survivors from the previous part, will be placed in the world. If a person has already had a creature in the first part, then they can only have a creature in the second part if slots are open after others get a chance. The owners of the survivors can choose where they will be placed, but if a location is not chosen then I will decide. Like the first part, this will go on for three generations. Then, the ten best survivors will be chosen.
The ten survivors will go on to the third part of the run, where they will be placed in an area with weeds, bugs, and very little food. The creature that lives longest here will be the winner of the run, and their owner will win a genegineered creature with any traits you want, provided I can actually create said traits. At this point, I will also post a folder of the genomes of all the creatures in the run for download.

Now that I'm done with all of the rules, I will describe how the world is set up.

I've added the Medical Monitor, Protective Tub, and the Hand Hider. All the elevators besides the C12DS ones are replaced with Elevines.
All of the Capillata has Candyfruit and High-Bounce Rubber Balls spread throughout. All of the doors have been unlocked.
The Meso has Bumba Plants, the 5-in-1 Tree, Plant Pack 1, Plant Pack 2, Kish Tendrils, Prates, Candyfruit, the HLM Patch, and some Aubergines on the vines on the Empathic Vendor. The Empathic Vendor, the Commedia, the Musicola, the Justanut Pod, the Lemon Pod, and the Carrot Pod have been removed. A few Stingers have been released. There is a Sun Cozy in the incubator.
The Comms Room has a CoC Potted Lemon Plant and an Anti-Bacterial Spray gadget.
The Workroom has a Justanut Bush Vendor. The Containment Chamber is open, the small Empathic Vendor has not been moved, and the dummy has been changed to an Ettin.
The teleporter to C12DS has not been moved from the Hub.
The Learning Room has the usual cheese vendor, ball, and two pieces of cheese. There is a toy train from the Terra Nornia toy pack and The Amazing Colorful Thing. Lastly, there is a basket of freshly baked muffins from Devil's Reef.
The Norn Terrarium has a few toys from Terra Nornia, a Toy Rocket, and a Symphonyphone. Beelacanth flowers have also spread throughout. Frogs have been added to the pond and the is a CoC Potted Justanut Plant next to the door to the bridge.
The Ettin Desert now has the Desert Nursery. The Nursery has a few Bone Toys and a Steam Rock. The Gnarlers have been replaced with Playful Gnarlers, and have been supplied with plenty of High-Bounce Rubber Balls. There are some Long-Horned Grazers, Thorny Devils, and Crunchy Beetles. The main level has Terraka Weeds, Popplants, Sunflowers (one from C12DS, and some from the Dustdevil Grendel pack), Snail Torches spread about, a Vibraphone, the Calendar Wheel, and a Garden Box decorative column in the passage to the nursery. A CoC Lemon Plant on the top level is barely surviving in the hot desert sun, and a Justanut Plant is doing much better in the cooler levels below. A Sugar Cactus fits in well and is thriving. Next to the Ettin Egg Layer, there is a Biscuit Bush, which seems to be where the Ettins get all those cookies they make for the Shee.
The Aquarium now has a bunch of Biodome Object Pack fish, some anemones and Shrimpton, and Garden Box Gumin Grass and Sponges. There were supposed to be some C2 anemones, but they all seem to have died.
In the Bridge, the medicine maker has been replaced with a Random Potion Vendor and a C2 Fruit Basket. The is now a Watermelon Vendor, an Astro Pear Vendor, a Lava Lamp and a Dalek from Terra Nornia, and two Round Windows looking out into the stars.
The Bridge has an Eyeball toy from Terra Nornia and a Cherry Vendor.
The Jungle is overrun by mushrooms, with the usual jungle mushrooms, Waterfall Mushrooms, Watercup Mushrooms, Goldencap mushrooms, and a Gelsemium pot. It looks like someone tried to gather some mushrooms in a bowl and store them on an upper level, but it doesn't appear to have worked, since they've gone green and turned into aphrodisiacs. Crunchy Beetles, Terraka Weeds, and Popplants are growing throughout. There is a Portable Waterfall above the piranhas, and a few bone toys scattered around the pool's edges.
C12DS seems to be a norn paradise at first, but a few things are different. There aren't as many honey pots, the herbs are gone, the beehives are spread about, there isn't a Wetsuit, some toys are gone, there seems to be more Ugly Tomatoes and Hooch about than normal, a few lonely Roses have sprouted near Lover's Leap, and there is now a Teacup plant on the island and a Creamer Vine in the garden.

If, after reading all that, you want to participate, here is the list of breeds I am using.

If there is an M or an F next to a certain breed, it means that that is the only available gender.

Apple Norns
Astro Norns
Bengal Norns
Bruin Norns
Butterfly Norns
C1 Wildkat Norns
ChiChi Norns
City Norns
Civet Norns
Draconian Norns
Dream Norns
Fallow Norns
Flora Norns
Grape Norns
Harlequin Norns
Hyena Norns
Ice Dragons
Imperial Fly Norns
Magma Norns
Rikori Stinger Norns
Siamese Norns
Zebra Norns

I do not have the official breed packs, but I do have the extra egg agents from Treesprite, so if you choose one of these breeds, they will have the right genetics but not the right sprites.

Bondi Norns
Hardman Norns
Treehugger Norns

The first part of the run is FULL. The list of norns and the list of closed rooms have been reset, and norns may now be chosen for the second part.

If there is a breed not listed above that you want to use, I will be willing to use it if you have a link to it, and it isn't a killer breed, a superbreeder breed, a fastager breed, an immortal (or merely absurdly long-lived) breed, an aquatic (amphibious breeds are okay) breed, or a toxic breed.
This means that a Colortrue Bengal would be fine (provided I can get it to work without causing errors, which I have not so far), but a Hunter Norn would not.

You can choose a creature either by commenting on this post with whichever creature you want, or going to the run's forum page on Creatures Caves (found here) and commenting there.
The first part of the run will start as soon as 36 creatures are chosen. Once the first part is finished, the list will be reset, and the second part of the run will start after another 30 creatures are chosen.
There will be updates on the run here, and they may or may not be moved to another page later.

I may or may not put the rest of the links into this post at some point.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chione Set-Up

Today, there is a post about the Ice World. However, when I started the world up today, I found out that it had exploded. So instead of starting a colony of Yettins, Ice Dragons, and other cold-loving creatures, today I am setting up Chione. This world will be able to support a wolfling run, it will be very cold (though there will be one warm place), there will be a few specialized rooms, and it will be a sort of scenario world.

I don't want Chione to connect to the rest of the world, so I'm going to take the mystic stone thing out of the Meso. Instead, I will put it in Chione's leftmost cave, move the other stone to the ground above it, and create a CA link between them with Magic Words Room Edits. Otherwise, norns that went into the cave would have to trek all the way back along the tunnel until they find a teleporter in order to get out.

As long as I'm in the cave anyway, I'm also going to add a patch of Albian Glow Worms, and plant some Watercup Mushrooms, Tubas, Candyfruit, and Iceflowers, release some snotrocks, add a few toys, and place a couple of Ice Crystals throughout the caves.

I'm also going to change all the fresh water in the tank to salt water, so that I can add some Sponges and Gumin Grass. I'll add some piranhas as well, but don't worry, they're just for ambiance.
At this point I'm also going to spread around some C12DS weeds, to add a bit of danger for an unwary creature.

Next, I'll set up the upper rightmost cave to be the norn home. This room won't have much, but it will be warm and light, and there will be toys to play with, hot cocoa to drink, and a few candyfruits to eat. I've added a Heater, some Glowflowers, some Candyfruits, two Rainbow Lamps, a Cocoa Machine, a few toys, and the Home Smell Parfume.

Remember when I said that there were going to be a few specialized rooms? This is one of them. This is a medicine cave, made just for healing sick creatures. I grabbed the potion vendor from the bridge of the Ark, made one of every type of medicine, and spread them around. I made a few extra of fertility potion and sleepy serum, and left them right next to the machine where they could be easily accessed. I also left a few Pumpkin Potions here, to soothe creatures that aren't sick, just frightened out of their wits. Next, I added a Gelsemium Pot, for its medicinal properties. For the same reason, I put a few Purple Pears nearby. On the left side of the room, I lined up five Sun Cozies, to keep sick creatures just warm enough until they heal. Lastly, I also made five each of Albian Ale and Shee Wine, for use later.

The next cave over is a bar, for creatures to celebrate their return to health. This is where I'm putting the Albian Ale and Shee Wine, along with some Egg Nogg and Yule Booze. Of course, you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach, so I've spread a few Psanky Eggs around, and added an Ice Cream Sandwich Vendor. For the norns who have had too much to drink, there are some Hangover Potions.

I looked around Chione, and decided that the caves were complete. However, the surface needed a bit of "sprucing" up. So, I added some Fir Trees, which, with a little help from the Garden Box, will grow Explodonuts in fall.

As a final touch, I decided to add a Wooden Railing, with an Elevine to allow norns to get up, and a CA link to lead them there. I also made sure to make it walkable by setting the permeability of the floor and walls to 25. I decided that this area was built by the previous settlers, who apparently weren't careful with their seeds. Carrots have been allowed to grow straight through the floorboards, and Bouncing Plums and Apples have sprouted on a nearby mountain.

I hope this helps out anyone who wants to do anything like this with Chione, and I'm especially hoping that my norns will find it fun to live in. I might make a few more guides like this in the future, so if you want me to write one for a particular metaroom, please let me know.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Danger in Veridia

Today, I was planning to start a colony of Yettins in an ice world and see how things went. Unfortunately, the ice world was not as complete as I had remembered, so it would have taken me a while to get it ready for a post, especially since I had already been procrastinating. So, sorry about that. Instead of the awesome ice world you were going to get, today you get an update on Veridia, which ruins all the suspense I was hoping for. Anyway, you should be very worried for my norns right now. Why? Because of these two:
These guys are a pair of Grendel Man's W-Runner Grendels. They are currently in Gardenia, with an invisible wall between them. They're going through an IQ test, and when they're done they will go to Veridia, where they will be free to terrorize the norns that are already there.

Fifteen minutes later, Assorted Proof finally made it to Veridia, where she hid behind some norns. There was not a single slap, and she seemed quite content to much on some mushrooms.

Aboriginal Wilderness arrived just in time for the Bouncing Plums to ripen and for the Sakura to start falling. Unfortunately, this area is rather deserted, so he has a long way to go before he finds any norns.

For a long time, the grendels were happy to stay on the forest floor. When they hit their old age, though, they went to the treetops and started fights. Assorted Proof slapped a few norns and then stood in the middle of the chaos, but Aboriginal Wilderness fought several norns at a time.
At around this point, some of my norns mysteriously fell ill with glycotoxin. I'm not sure exactly where this came from, but no one has died of it yet.

Assorted Proof, satisfied with the mayhem she had caused, moved up to the next level. Unfortunately for her, this went very badly wrong. Why are Stereotyped Clock and Apathetic Party grinning so widely in this picture? Well, I think it's because they're proud of themselves, for having just managed to kill a grendel. Poor Assorted Proof didn't have a chance. She was weakened already by fighting in the level below, and was attacked just as she stopped to rest.

Aboriginal Wilderness, however, stayed safe on the lower level, where he killed Ablaze Shakes and Spiky Minute. However, he apparently made an enemy in Special Fear, who killed him shortly afterward.

Well, this didn't turn out quite as I had expected. I'm still not sure where the glycotoxin came from, but at least it wasn't fatal. I was sad to see a few of my norns go, and surprised to see the grendels die. It was interesting to watch, but I think for the next generation I might just plant some weeds.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Test Gizmo

To keep the suspense going a bit longer, today is a post about Test Gizmo, a world that was supposed to be a test for some CFE Gizmo norns, to test how smart they were compared to normal norns. However, I got attached to the norns, and so this world became a world for pampering the group of norns I had hatched.

Upon re-entering the world, I was greeted with this scene. Ensyla, the mother of Kasaii, had ventured into the hub, and Monatar, her first love, had found her there. Shortly before I was able to take the picture, Asor wandered in too. Asor was rather excited, but Ensyla and Monatar were content to nap and watch over each other.

I couldn't stay, however, as I was suddenly alerted that Kali had become pregnant with Clay. These two are my pair of CreatureLink norns, and they have been spending all their time together, flooding my world with eggs.

I had only a second to check on Kali before I was notified that Ensyla was pregnant too. It was hectic for a few moments while I checked on them both, but they laid their eggs with no trouble. Kali was right back to happily munching on seeds as soon as she laid her egg, but poor Ensyla was so tired that she had to take a nap!

As soon as I had these two sorted out, I went to go check on the Meso, where I found a family reunion in progress. Kalita had met her daughters, Emiko and Emikai, under the shade of the apple tree, and they were having a wonderful time playing together.

Further down, I found Emitalia enjoying a well-deserved nap next to the Empathic Vendor, with Toru peeking out from behind her. Perhaps he had tired her out?
The bottom floor was mostly quiet, as Imisonora and Penaro were resting. Maybe I caught this world in the middle of a sleep toxin epidemic? Whatever the cause, everyone seemed to be sleeping. Shortly after this picture was taken, I had to separate these two for a bit, because Penaro had decided to start slapping instead of napping.

The Workshop had been full of activity early on, but now it was mostly deserted, and Mokor, the only norn left, was apparently also affected by the sleeping epidemic.
To end this post, I decided to post a picture of the eggs from this world. The eggs on the left are from Kali and Clay, and the eggs on the right are from everyone else. Of course, this is not all of the eggs, as some have been hatched. I'm not sure what sort of creatures these eggs will hold, but judging by all the grey hairs I see, I think some of these eggs might get hatched in the next update.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hello! I suck at making introductions, so I'm going to jump straight to posting.

For my first post, I'm going to post an update about my new wolfling run in Docking Station. This wolfling run takes place in Veridia, and connects to an IQ test in Gardenia. Gardenia is unaltered, but Veridia now has elevators, CA links, and lots of food and toys. Over the generations, some food sources and toys will gradually be removed, to encourage norns that are better at surviving. At around the 15th generation, the population will be moved to the Meso, where there will be very few food sources and toys, only a few norns will be alive at once, and stingers will be released and allowed to build nests. The norn that survives longest here will be exported and saved. Currently, I'm about three hours and one generation into the run, and most of the norns are at adulthood and doing well.

Stereotyped Clock and Apathetic Party were supposed to be Nenya norns, but that slot got overwritten by C12DS Banana norns. Fortunately, they managed to keep their Nenya tails, but the tails did end up in rather odd places. Together, this pair have retreated to the treetops, or, in Stereotyped Clock's case, thin air. This is actually because of how I set Veridia up. I didn't want norns to be able to fall off the platforms, so I added walls with Magic Words Room Edits. In this case, though, the room boundary didn't line up with the platform, so I had to extend it a bit.

On the ground, Hulking Pleasure, Grateful Surprise, Measly Ball, Hurried Point, and Adjoining Bucket have gathered near the Interporter from the female IQ test track. There have been a few slaps, but on the whole they seem pretty relaxed.
Aggressive Tomatoes seemed really surprised to have his picture taken. He apparently decided not to join the group surrounding the female Interporter, but has instead been wandering about nearby. He has left most of the ground floor deserted, choosing to settle in a small patch of Watercup Mushrooms instead.

Special Fear, Spiky Minute, Hard Writing, Loutish Badge, Dapper Book, Diligent Eggs, and Ablaze Shakes formed another group next to a Tea Time Creamer plant, where they seemed to be trying to break the world record for most kisspops at once. Despite being right next to an Elevine, Special Fear was the only norn who wanted to spread out.

Frantic Book seemed rather depressed earlier, and would only stir to occasionally suggest things to others, but she seems to have recovered, if only just to pace endlessly near the the Vibraphone. I hope she at least pauses to eat, and soon. She'll need to, after having spent so long fasting.

Overall, the run is doing fairly well, but it is only a few hours in. They might not do so well next time, especially since they will have to deal with a new hazard....