Sunday, October 13, 2013

Forum Feral Run: Checking Up on Everybody

Last night, after being reminded to by my mother, I checked the comments on this blog. You guys reminded me that not a lot of the norns are getting screen time. Most of the time, I end up just going to each metaroom, and getting a screenshot of whichever norn there is doing the most interesting thing. This is a good strategy for a personal world that I happen to be doing updates on, but not so great for a forum run that lots of people are participating in. So, to remedy that, today's post will be an update on each and every norn that is still in the run. I'll start with the first norn in the creature selection window, and then tab through the rest.

Well, the first norn turned out to be Untidy Woman, who is doing rather well. She has been spending most of her time in front of the door from the Norn Terrarium to the Bridge, but she has moved leftwards now. She is doing rather well for herself, and her only worry when I came to check on her was that she was a bit hungry for starch. Since there is an Empathic Vendor nearby, she'll be fine as long as she eats the star seeds. Either that, or travel up to where the Pumperspikel grow.

I tabbed over just in time to see that Bumpy Pollution had picked up a rather dangerous hobby. Sleeping in the Airlock! I'm pretty sure she can't push the big red button, though, and I closed the door as soon as she was outside. She was rather bored, but there's a Dalek toy nearby.

Viola had plenty of food on the bottom floor of the desert, as there was a Justanut bush, a cheese vendor, and some candyfruit. She'll have no concerns about starvation as long as she stays there, and eating plenty of food will help with her illness. It isn't anything life-threatening, though, just a bit of Histamine B, so she can take a break to go find a toy, since she's a bit bored.

Despite the dangerous place she's in, Wendy is actually doing great! She keeps an Anti-Bacterial Spray gadget around, and she pushes it continuously, so she's pretty safe from illness. I don't know how, but she has found enough food to keep her hunger drives at zero. She's been resting, so she isn't tired. Her choice of location might have been a bit bad, though, because she's getting scared of the piranhas, and since no one else wants to visit, she's a bit lonely.

Seeing Tahvora on her own was rather startling, because usually she and Grubby Shake are inseparable. Tahvora wasn't doing well without her best friend, and all she seems to do is rest and sleep. She is very hungry, very lonely, kind of sleepy, and kind of bored. At least she isn't ill, though.

Cosmica was by the Norn Terrarium door with Untidy Woman, but she came to the Bridge to eat all the food in sight and try her hardest to kisspop ten times at once. She's doing rather well, with only a little bit of tiredness, and I have no clue why she isn't pregnant.

At this point, sadly, I was interrupted by a death notification. Tahvora really was not doing well without Grubby Shake, and she starved to death. This means that both C1 Wildkats are out of the run with no children, which is rather unfortunate.

In happier news, Leslie is doing very well. She isn't ill, and she's just a bit bored and a bit tired. I guess the desert is actually a pretty good place if you want to survive!

Bea is enjoying her old age, and keeping her drives low. Even her highest drive is only up about halfway. She isn't ill, and she's been taking care of herself.

Henna is in her old age too now, and she's been traveling back and forth between the Norn Terrarium and the Bridge. She's apparently combining the best of both to keep all her drives low. I guess traveling so much also means that the bacteria can't catch up to her.

It turns out that Grubby Shake was just on the other side of the garden. She's not ill, and most of her drives are low, but loneliness is rather high, probably because she's the only norn in C12DS, since Tahvora died.

Taboo Earthquake is looking as happy as can be, with good cause. Most of her drives are at zero, with the only exception being that she's crowded. She does have a very minor illness, though. She has just a little bit of Histamine B.

Abnormal Load is just a bit tired and a bit crowded, but otherwise he's doing great, which I think Nutter will be happy to know. He's among his friends in the desert, and I was nearly deafened by all the talking going on. He must have learned well how to survive, and he's teaching the others by example as well as giving them helpful suggestions.

Pretty Trade is in his old age and doing pretty okay. He is rather bored and hungry for starch, though.

Dazavor has managed a pretty impressive feat. He caught a candyfruit seed! That one little seed won't help with his hunger for protein and his boredom, though, and it's definitely no substitute for a friend.

Then, I got another death notification. This time, it was Bea, who died happily of old age, in her home at the bottom of the Meso with a friend nearby.

Next was Picard, who I got to just in time to see him running from the slap-happy norns a level lower. He's a bit hungry and a bit bored, but otherwise doing well, especially since he had the good sense to get away from a slap fight.

Dezzy ran from the fight as well, but he didn't think to use the elevines. He might just have been hampered by shivers and coughs, though, since he has glycotoxin and Histamine B, and he's very cold.

Okay, I just want to stop a moment and show you this. It isn't important and it has nothing to do with the run, but I want to show you. Apparently a gnarler egg landed on the slope into the nursery at some point, and the gnarler that hatched fell in, so now there is a horde of gnarlers doing nothing but just trying to scramble up this slope.

Okay, back to important stuff. Waffle is kind of bored, kind of tired, and kind of cold. He also has one bacteria. He is mostly doing fine, though.

Gamzee has wandered into the Jungle, along with Abnormal Load, who kept trying to shield him from my evil picture-taking. Gamzee is very bored and rather hungry, but he isn't ill and there's an Empathic Vendor nearby.

Fortunate Bomb is apparently trying to join the Ministry of Silly Walks now. Either that, or he's a drunken zombie. He's bored and hungry for protein, but he isn't ill. Of course, that just makes the fact that he's coughing even more confusing.

Ikoii is hiding behind gadgets, so I could only just barely get a picture of him. He's hungry and bored, and he has a little bit of glycotoxin.

Shivering Look has abandoned his teddy gadget, but that won't help him with his high boredom and hunger. Unfortunately, instead of doing anything about it, he just seems to want to lie there on the floor.

Banjo is a bit hungry and a bit bored, but he isn't ill. Of course, he might become ill, thanks to Ikoii's helpful suggestions of "eat door."

Next, I found out that Fortunate Bomb had died, of a nasty combination of Glycotoxin, ATP Decoupler, and Antigen 7. No norn could have survived that nasty illness.

My next stop is actually right nearby. Fahru is a bit bored and a bit crowded, but otherwise great.

Fieval is apparently trying to keep track of any Ettins that come his way. He should probably pay closer attention to his own needs, though. He's hungry and bored, and he has some glycotoxin.

Lastly, Quake has reached his old age. He's lonely without Bea to keep him company, and he's a bit hungry for starch, but he's otherwise doing well.

Well, that's all the norns, so this update is done.

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