Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Forum Feral Run: Decorating the Ship for Halloween

As I looked around Creatures Caves today, I noticed that a lot of people had Halloween icons, I saw an article of Halloween agents, and I heard some discussion about these things. So, I decided that I was going to get into the Halloween spirit as well, and what better way to start than decorating the forum run world, so that the norns can enjoy the holiday too?

First, some minor decoration. Banners over every door, treats scattered about, and a few fireworks too.

Some bags of goodies and bottle rockets were enough to start luring norns out of the Jungle, and removing some mushrooms must have helped too. A pile of Peaking Pie isn't that frightening, but the beneficial Arnica made up for it.

To help even more with the illness, Anti-Spooky lurks on the other side of the door.

In the Norn Terrarium, Corpse and Zombor shuffle about, a bat toy offers some boredom relief, and a blackbird makes a nice addition to the local wildlife.

For those who brave the desert sun, a withered tree holds forbidden treats.

C12DS is known to be safe, but maybe the garden is a bit more frightening now. A new crop of pumpkins has sprouted, and the friendly Scarecrow has been joined by another.

The way over to the Capillata is guarded now, by a pair of skulls with sharp teeth and eyeless sockets.

The guardians on the other side are no less watchful. These skulls have horns, and are rather less humanoid. The dragons who have shed these heads must have been dangerous, so I wonder, what defeated them? That thought alone may show you a different "other side."

If you dare to cross anyway, in the Workshop you'll find a few of the Lone Shee's experiments. A pumpkin that is a bit more than it seems, and some potions with questionable ingredients. Wing of bat, eye of newt, toe of rat, perhaps?

After braving the dangers, you may wander into the Meso, which has been made scary, but quite festive too.

So many frightening decorations has had its effect on the norns, too.

 Of course, even more scary are a few deaths. Sick Cushion died first, of illness.

Kahsua was next, and I think she refused to eat. There was plenty of food about, due to one norn relentlessly pushing the small Empathic Vendor, but the Holodoc said that her hunger drive was high.

The third and last death was Larke, whose only symptom was pain. Maybe she was slapped to death?

Finally, to counter the deaths, the norns laid so many eggs that I had to resort to sorting them by pattern in order to fit them in my inventory.

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