Saturday, October 12, 2013

Forum Feral Run, Sort Of

I'm sorry, guys, but this post is only sort of going to be about the run and the norns. It is actually mostly about airlocks and candyfruit.

 Anyway, it started off with me noticing that Cicely seemed to be really confused by this area, and the fact that she can't walk through it. Actually, I am too. There's all that available space! Why does the invisible wall just cut it off right there?
 Apparently this was way more stressful than I thought, and it was all just way to much for Cicely to handle, because she died just a few minutes later.

Actually, I checked on her with the Holodoc, and it turned out she starved. Even though there is an Empathic Vendor, a Fruit Basket, a bunch of food, and some random potions right behind her.

Anyway, the point is that I had dmap on to see the invisible wall. Then, when I looked down I saw the Airlock. To be more specific, I saw that the Airlock was closed, and that the door's permeability was set at zero.
 Then, as an experiment, I pushed the button, and saw that the permeability was set to 100 while open. My brain saw this and thought, "Woah, the Airlock can just change the permeability like that every time it opens." Then it came up with this idea for an agent, where there would be sticker-y agents, where you could have this little thing that was a wall, or a door, or a floor, and you could just stick it along a room boundary, and tadaa! The walls and floor would just set the room boundary they are placed along to a permeability of zero, and you would have an instant wall or floor. The doors, however, would also come with button stickers. The buttons and doors would be connected, and when you pushed the button, the door would open for a few seconds. There would be two arrow buttons, to control how long it opened for, and the number would be on a little screen ,so you could tell at a glance. I was also thinking that maybe there could be a lock button on the button, which would lock the door in whatever state it was in, open or closed, until you take the lock off. There could also be a button that controls whether creatures can push the button to open the door or not. Then I realized that all of this, besides the door and the button, could be done with Magic Words Room Edits and the Garden Box.
 Anyway, while I still had dmap on, I went to go look at the long area that the Airlock drops stuff into. And then I saw this random piece of gelsemium lying there. I don't even know how it got there. I did have a Gelsemium Pot in my inventory, so that could have dropped it there, except for the fact that its gelsemium rots really quickly. It could have been the Fruit Basket, except it doesn't activate on its own, and the Airlock is closed, so a norn couldn't have done it.
 As long as I'm here anyway, I found a ghost in SPACE. Ghosts are astronauts now. We should all be terrified of ghosts coming to get us via space.

Oh, and now you finally get more stuff about the run. Bumpy Pollution wandered into the Capillata, and was terrified of all the scary decorations. Also, she somehow got a black eye and a bent ear. I didn't even know that could happen to norns.

 Then, I went back to the Ark, and I found out that some norn had messed with my meticulously placed decorations. *Shakes fist* I spent whole SECONDS setting those decorations, and you just came along and messed up all my hard work! I'll get you for this, norns!

Anyway, I then heard a weird noise I had never heard before. It turns out that Fortunate Bomb had suddenly developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and was relentlessly and repeatedly pushing a Stone of Knowledge.

Then, I realized that there were a whole lot of norns on the Bridge, and they hadn't dissipated like I had hoped. I decided that this was because the Candyfruits had overpopulated and taken over. This was more than enough food to sustain the population, and the norns took advantage of this. So, I went and kill hots'd all the candyfruit. There was probably an easier way to remove the candyfruits, but I wasn't sure how to only remove the ones on the Bridge and in Engineering. Anyway, there was a bunch of clear space, totally devoid of candy fruit. Mission accomplished.

Then I checked on norns elsewhere for a while, and when I came back, there was a bunch of candyfruits by the splicer. Even just one candyfruit could have survived and spread more. So, I kill hots'd the new candyfruits, and watched the area for five minutes just to make sure that none of them came back. None did, and so, satisfied, I went back to doing important stuff. This time, I must have really gotten rid of them, right?

Nope. The candyfruits came back. They did so about three more times. This is the point at which I gave up, and let the candyfruits win.

Apparently all this activity about candyfruits really frightened Shivering Look, because he took to lying on the floor and cuddling a Creature Detector like a teddy bear.
On a different note, I keep thinking Shivering Look is a girl. All the Bondis look like girls to me, actually. That's just because of the weird hair, though. Shivering Look especially seems like a girl, though, because he was supposed to be a girl (Sorry, eprillios.), and he even acts like the other girls. I'm not even sure why he does, but he goes and participates in other girl activities with them, he tries to kiss guys, and he mostly hangs around with the girls. I think he's a girl in a really bad disguise.

Anyway, Bumpy Pollution came back, because apparently the ceiling in the Capillata was too boring for her.
Also, it turns out that I actually did manage to get rid of most of the candyfruit. One little group next to the splicer refuses to go away, though. Anyway, only a few norns are left on the bridge.

It's really late, and I ought to have finished and published this about an hour ago, so I'm calling this post done.

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