Friday, October 18, 2013

Forum Feral Run: Everybody's Getting Old...

Sorry about this post being delayed. I've been kind of busy lately. Anyway, apparently the norns of the feral run have been feeling the effects of my absence too, because I checked on them today to find almost all of them in their old age.

First I found Untidy Woman, whose vibrant colors have turned grey. They say that memory is the first thing to go, so maybe her age is why she seems to have forgotten how to eat. She endlessly repeats how hungry she is for starch, but rather than do anything about it, she chose to lie down on the ground and moan at anyone who would listen.

Maybe she was just copying Henna? I would expect better behavior from a girl who is known for having actually done something about her dislike of being pregnant. Of course, maybe getting away from male norns and slapping pregnancy indicators isn't a very good solution for this problem.

On the other side of the door, Bumpy Pollution has become old too, and is watching over Banjo, who has not.
 Nearby, Cosmica noticed her new colors, and decided that she would have to eat all the candy she could before she died.

Nearby, there was a saddening death. Ikoii has been taking care of himself well. Unfortunately, in his advanced age, he didn't fare well against glycotoxin.

Pretty Trade was the next death. I was about to check his age, when he suddenly died of starvation. I guess the short distance over to Cosmica's hoard of candy was a bit much for him.

Abnormal Load was the last death. He starved as well. The Empathic Vendor vended some star seeds for him, but apparently he was quite picky, as they were left untouched.
 For some happier news, Dezzy decided to celebrate his old age with a trip to where the splicer used to be. The persistent candyfruit patch there is apparently quite enough to sustain him, since he is perfectly happy and has no high drives.

Fahru, on the over hand, was not quite so happy. Now that he's an old man, all the new-fangled UFO and rocket toys are not enough to keep him entertained. No, sitting in the corner and sulking is what he feels like doing.

Maybe Leslie can cheer him up? Despite her age, she's quite happy to have fun with a contact sensor and a high-bounce rubber ball. Her suggestions of "maybe push toy Fahru" seem quite sensible, too.

On the level above, Waffle and Picard have just found out about their age, and they have mixed reactions. Waffle seems quite startled, but I think Picard enjoys the new colors.

 Unsurprisingly, all old age has done to Fieval is make him even more paranoid. This must be a scheme by the pumpkin-wielding ettins to, uh, make him look silly?

Grubby Shake is having a good time, and is celebrating with a meal of potatoes and lemons. She has also been joined by her friend the oddly stationary hummingbird, who just hovers in front of her and flaps his wings.

Old age must be extremely surprising. Viola stood perfectly still in this pose for several minutes before calming down.

Wendy has been alternating between attempting to slap the Anti-Bacterial spray to death, and making it her very best friend.

Shivering Look isn't old just yet. There's no time for arthritis when you're busy surfing the waves. His Bondi lifespan may be longer, but it won't last forever. Age will catch up to him sooner or later.
Dazavor is also remaining youthful. Maybe taking over the control panel also allowed him to hack into the medicine bay and inject life chemical?

With almost every norn being old, and a few dying, I think this generation is on its way out, and we'll be able to see the inhabitants of the eggs they have laid soon.

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