Friday, October 11, 2013

Forum Feral Run: Catching up on Nornish Antics

A lot has happened since the last update, and though it started out rather sadly, the norns then started getting up to shenanigans.

Sick Cushion died rather early on, apparently of illness. She only had a mild fever, though, so I was surprised to find out.

Bea, despite being rather young, is already old. I haven't used City Norns before, so I hadn't realized that this could happen so quickly. When I checked on her, I realized that the area was actually rather deserted. The only two norns on the Capillata right now are Bea and Quake, who have gravitated towards each other on the bottom floor of the Meso.

Not surprisingly, Dusty Clouds died soon after. She was very stubborn, and she was the only norn who refused to leave the Jungle, even just for a little while. She also spent a lot of her time sick, usually with multiple illnesses. I guess this time the AntiSpooky couldn't save her.
There was another death within minutes. This time, it was Nepeta. Apparently Corpse is more dangerous than I thought, since I found her body lying right next to him. Nepeta has been ill before, and she usually springs back pretty quickly, so if Corpse can kill a norn like her, even with cures around, I thought it best to remove him.

I suppose a pregnancy is better than a death, but Henna is in a rather foul mood about it. The slap fight with Fahru can't have helped either. Apparently she thinks it's my fault, though, because she kept glaring at the camera and stomping her foot.

She was much happier later, when she joined Untidy Woman for a lovely game of "Slap the Pregnancy Indicator." I guess Henna just really hates being pregnant.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Gamzee, who had wandered by earlier, picked up and turned on the pregnancy indicator, only to be very disappointed then he found out he wasn't pregnant. Unfortunately, he wandered off again before I could get a screenshot.

Bumpy Pollution has been quite the character lately. First she got into a verbal contest with Viola to see who loves Fortunate Bomb the most, but then she suddenly shifted her affection to Cosmica, completely ignoring Fortunate Bomb. Then, she decided to stalk Dazavor, and see what he was up to. Maybe she found out that he was born in the Comms Room, poised to take over the control panel? Whatever the reason was, she soon lost interest, and wandered off to go pace around in front of the Medical Pod, gazing at the ceiling and complaining of homesickness. After all this activity, she decided to top it off with a game of Follow the Leader with Viola and Taboo Earthquake.

I decided to go see what was happening in C12DS, and I was met by this pair of best friends. Ever since they met, Tahvora and Grubby Shake have been inseparable, and now they spend all their time next to the lemon trellis, posing adorably, playing with the birds and butterflies, eating potatoes, and being as happy as can be.

Meanwhile, Dezzy has decided to go back to his roots, sleeping on the desert sands and herding the wild Grazers. This job was made easier when I added a Cuddly Tree, so he wouldn't have to go into the Desert Nursery to fetch all the rubber balls that keep getting tossed in.

Cosmica has had several eggs already, but she decided that wasn't enough, and went ahead and had another. She is quite proud of herself, and when I came to collect the egg she picked it up and held it high. Then she decided that she didn't actually like it that much, and landed a slap on it before I could get it away. I don't think one slap is enough to do lasting damage, though. Norn egg shells are pretty sturdy. They have to be, to withstand all those Grendels that come to steal them.

I think that's about enough for this update. After all, I have to save something for tomorrow, right?


  1. Same here - I know two of mine croaked, but are Abnormal Load and Cicely still around?

  2. Eek, sorry guys. I forgot about checking the comments, and my mother, who just saw the blog, had to remind me. For tomorrow's update, I'll try and check on each and every norn, and let you guys know how they're doing.